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Replacing Handlebar Tape

Replacing handlebar tape is one of the easiest upgrades you can give your bike. Of course, tape is about more than just looks: A properly wrapped handlebar takes into account the way your hands sit in the drops so that the tape not only lasts, but gives padding and grip for long days in the saddle.

1. Preparation For Replacing Handlebar Tape

The first step in replacing handlebar tape is to clamp your bicycle into a workstand if you have one, and pull back the brake-hood covers. Peel off your old bar tape, pop out the bar attachments, and scratch off any remaining glue. Now is a good time to clean your hands before applying your new bar tape.

2. Wrap It Right and Tight

Partially peel off the new bar tape’s sticky backing; peel more as you go. With the tape in your picked bearing (clockwise or counterclockwise), begin toward the end of the bar with the glue strip totally touching the edge of the bar, and the rest hanging off. Start wrapping the handlebars, covering a third to half of the tape’s width as you go. Continuously keep tension on the bartape as you wrap, enough to slightly stretch it a little but be careful not to tear it. On twists, cover more within the bend. In the event that you can see some gaps where the bar is showing through, unwrap and attempt once more.

3. Stop for Brake Detail

Most new tape will include two short pieces (if not, cut a short piece from each length before you begin wrapping). Utilize these to cover the brake-lever clasps. It’s best to wrap the top, level area of the bar with the tape going over the highest point of the bar, towards you, as your hands will then actually tighten the tape as you ride.

At the point when wrapping to the outside, you have to switch direction at the lever clasp. To do that, wrap as close as as you can to the clamp, covering it by at least half the width of the tape. At that point, wrap under the clasp at the front of the bar, up against within the clamp, and over the highest point of the bar, covering the clip a little. Check for any gaps in the tape again; on the off chance that you do see any, re-wrap. Carry on wrapping the top part of the bar.

4. Finishing Up

The completion point is personal preference. Note where you need your tape to end, wrap a few turns past this spot, then mark the completion point in the tape with a scissors. Unwrap the tape, cut it at this point, and re-wrap it so the cut end is at the base of the bar for an invisible finish. Circle the end two or three times with electrical tape to secure it set up.

Fold and tuck the tape into the hollow ends of the bar and push the end plug  cap into place to secure it (tap it  with an rubber hammer in needed), and pull the brake hoods down. You’re all done and good to go!

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