Sidi Wire Carbon Shoes Air verde-blanco 2016

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The Sidi Wire Carbon Shoes Air verde-blanco 2016 its top is made from oiled Lorica microfibre, with mesh nylon. the sole Vent Carbon Sole, Soft Instep 2 Closure System and Tecno 3 system, Contains a talón. retention device the top of microfiber varnished Lorica, is a synthetic material that allows dirt slide thanks to its lisa. surface you can easily clean them with soap, water and dry with a paño. you not supplied A heat source directa. is not recommended that uses any type of component or abrasive cleaner as they can damage the superficie. closure Soft instep 2 closure system, thermo is anatomical and acolchado. is made of a soft material shaped to give you the best comfort and rendimiento. distributes the pressure uniformly in the bow of pie. your Tecno 3 system, will give you an optimum fit throughout the shoe to adapt Turn the foot custom mente. its retention system Adjustable Heel Retention Device, is a new technology to the heel cup, which improve the fit of the rear of the zapatilla. turn press the upper part of the heel cup for heel to give the most security in rises empinadas. its reinforced remain in the foot position avoiding the deformation of the zapato. its sole Vent Carbon Sole lighter, it contains a openings inserted in The front, when the stay open give you optimal ventilation, you can also freshen up or not if you do not deseas. is sole ensure maximum comfort and optimal transfer of potencia. Features: – Made for road – Top of microfibre – 3 closure Soft instep closure system – TECNO 3 system – Retention System Adjustable Heel Retention Device – Reinforced heel – Sole Vent Carbon Sole.


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