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Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 Soft Shell Men’s Cycling Jacket

Gore Bike Wear Power 20 Jacket


Top-quality cycling jacket: waterproof, windproof, breathable and fits well but not cheap, and a bit quirky
Weight: 280g

Gore is a well known name in the world of outdoor sports, with a wide range of products aimed specifically at cyclists, including the Power Gore-Tex Active Jacket. It is a waterproof, windproof, breathable jacket and fits well, making it perfect for rides in wet and cold conditions. It’s not the cheapest jacket, and it has a couple of quirks that buyers should be aware of.

The key to the waterproof and breathable nature of this Jacket is the Gore-tex fabric. There are a lot of fabrics around that say they are breathable and waterproof, but with Gore-tex the claims are indeed true.

It’s all thanks to a membrane in the fabric which has microscopic holes, small enough to stop water coming in, but large enough to let water vapour escape. The result is you stay protected from wet weather on the outside but don’t get soaked in sweat on the inside.

Testing of this jacket on a cold and rainy day, resulted in staying warm and dry inside when riding fairly hard on flat roads. The jacket was worn with a base layer and a long-sleeve jersey.

Gore Bike Wear Power 20 Jacket

Giving a bit more effort on some longer hills, the jacket can get slightly clammy inside, but that will happen in any jacket. The Gore-tex did definitely help the perspiration dissipate quickly, and retained warmth when going down the other side of the hills, even if the jersey under the jacket was still damp.

It’s worth noting there are no vents in this Gore-Tex Active Jacket (eg, under armpits, down the sides or across the back) as you find on some other jackets. Although thanks to velcro tabs, the cuffs can be closed tight to keep the warmth in, or open a bit for venting along the arms.

The Power Gore-Tex Active Jacket is available in a range of sizes from small to XXL. Sizing is good, with the medium ideal for average build (70kg, 175cm high, 94cm chest). Gore describe it as a ‘Slim fit’ – meaning body-hugging without being too tight, and with flappy fabric reduced to a minimum – which is exactly what you want for faster rides, training or sportives, as opposed to more loose-fitting jackets that might be more suitable for leisure riding or commuting.

Altjough there’s a close fit around the body, the arms of this jacket are still long enough, even when stretched out, so you don’t get a chilly gap between cuff and glove. Many manufacturers seem to get this wrong (garments with a close-fitting upper body have too-short arms, while garments long arms have a tent-like fit around the torso) but Gore have got it just right.

There is a male version of the Active Jacket and a female version.

The hem of the jacket is cut at an angle, so the front is shorter than the back. This helps avoid the material getting creased up when you’re leaning forward, while the jacket is still long enough at the back to cover your rear end. The hem is also elasticated slightly, to help hold the jacket in place.

Other features of the Power Gore-Tex Active Jacket include some reflective strips and a little triangle on the rear pocket to pick up car headlights when cycling in dark or dim conditions. For a bit of extra daytime visibility, there’s a Day-glo zip down the front of the jacket.

There’s a single back pocket, with a horizontal zip and a flap over zip. This means it’s as waterproof as the rest of the jacket.

In any waterproof breathable jacket pocket, phones can get slightly damp, so the Gore-Tex Active Jacket’s pocket also has an internal ‘LockSak’, a stiff plastic envelope on a bit of tape.

Colours are blue, red and green, all with black sleeve ends and day-glo yellow zip. Or black with day-glo sleeve ends and zip.

The full retail price is a penny under £175, but you can find an almost half price special offer here. Even with the discounts, the Gore-Tex Active Jacket is still at the top of the scale when compared to similar products such as the EQ2.5 jacket from DHB (around £60), the Quantum from Polaris (around £100) or the venerable Night Vision from Altura (around £110), although for many cyclists the style and cut of the Gore-Tex Active Jacket, plus the excellent performance of the Gore-tex fabric itself, makes this a premium worth paying.


Top-quality cycling jacket: waterproof, windproof, breathable and fits well but not cheap, and a bit quirky


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