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Dirty Pro Tools UK Work Stand Review

Dirty Pro Tools UK Work Stand


Bicycles are constantly breaking down. This constant breaking down requires you to repair and service your bicycle once in a while to make sure that it is in the best condition, especially if you are about to go on a race or do some stunts with it. Repairing your bicycle can be a bit of a hustle. In fact, every person who takes on a bicycle repair task should be ready to handle some dirt and grease. Despite of this realization, a bicycle requires constant repair to make sure it remains in the best state. A great solution is the use of a bicycle repair stand allows you to have the best view of your bicycle when you repair it. Dirty pro tools UK work stand allows you to hold your bicycle high and have an easier time repairing you bike than you would when crouching. The dirty pro tools UK work stand is a fantastic addition to your bike tools that makes bike repair as fun as a vehicle repair. You will have a good view of every part of your bicycle when repairing it and your will have an easier time reaching some parts of it.

There are some features integrated in the dirty pro tools UK work stand that allow you to do this.

Tripod Style Leg Stand

Dirty pro tools uk

The stand has a tripod style leg stand that is very easy to set up. Unlike other bicycle repair stands, this stand provides efficient stability when you are repairing your bike, which means that you do not have to worry about the bike falling from the stand or the stand itself tripping.

Magnetic tray

Dirty pro tools UK work stand

In most repair situations, you will have to take some parts of your bike and replace them with others. In other cases, you will need to take some parts off in order to reach some other hard-to-reach parts of the bike. The problem with this exercise is that there is constant loss of these metallic parts, usually small and hard to find. However, the dirty pro tools UK work stand has a metallic and magnetic tray attached to it to solve this problem. When using this stand, you do not have to worry about losing the small metallic parts of your bike because they will be on the magnetic tray.

High quality frame

Some bikes are obviously heavier than others are. However, this is not a problem for the stand. The stand has a high quality, heavy-duty frame that is able to hold up heavy weight without breaking. This is possible because of the strong metal used to make the frame. The strong metal means that your metal frame will not break and your stand will last longer.

Adjustable frame

Bicycles are for people of any height, including children. The manufacturers of the dirty pro tools UK stand considered this and added a height adjustment function on the stand. This has made the stand available for use by people of different heights. You can now teach your child how to repair and understand their bikes better with this stand and adjust the frame’s height to suit their height. In addition to this, there are times when you need to repair higher points of the bike and sometimes the lower points. This stand makes that completely easy. The adjustment is easy to use and you do not have to put in any effort in adjusting the height.

Extendable wheel clamp

Dirty pro tools UK bicycle repair stand

The stand has a very efficient and strong wheel clamp. When repairing your wheel, you need a clamp that is strong enough to hold it in order to make the adjustments and repairs your bike needs. Different bikes have wheels of different thickness. However, the wheel clamp is able to make telescopic movements to hold your wheel in the way you want to. The clamp holds the wheel steady without damaging it.

Quick release handles

The dirty pro tools UK work stand has quick release handles that are completely easy to use. The fashion in which they respond saves you a lot of time and effort. You therefore do not have to concentrate on using them.

Easy storage

The work stand adjustments allow it to be big and tall, which can be a bit of a problem during storage and transportation. However, this is not an issue because the design of the stand allows it to fold easily and quickly to cater for its transportation and storage, which is very useful.

Clamp with rubber jaws

Everyone wants their bike to maintain the original colour and maintain its new look. Dirty pro tools work stand caters for this. In order to ensure that the clamps holding it do not scratch off your bike’s paint, the manufacturer used rubber jaws. These rubber jaws are therefore tender on your bike and you do not have to worry about your bike’s paint.

Heavy weight

The dirty pro tools UK work stand should hold up the heaviest bike. The clamp can hold up to 30 kilograms without breaking or malfunctioning. This means that your bike will easily hold up without breaking the stand or damaging the adjustment knobs. The bike stand is completely light despite this, which is very convenient.

This work stand has very many features. If you consider all these features, you will think up a price higher than the price it goes for. You can therefore be sure to get more than you pay for with this stand. The amazing this is that it is completely firm when holding up your bike and gives you the easiest and best experience. In addition to this, the stand does not restrict any movement of the bike, including the pedals.

Once you purchase it, it comes in one box, different parts, which are assembled once it reaches your house. This is very easy to do. In fact, assembly of these parts takes less than three minutes and the results are magnificent. Once you fold it up, the stand becomes very small which makes it very easy to store. When folded up, the stand remains firm and it is hard to trip over. The reviews from all customers who purchased the product are encouraging.

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